Samsung QMB Display
Samsung QMB Display
Samsung QMB Display
Samsung QMB Display


Samsung QMB Display

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The QMB Series revolutionizes business displays, featuring enhanced professional capabilities, simplified setup and maintenance, and an elegant design that elevates any business environment. Delivering innovation and efficiency, QMB enhances collaboration, showcases content in new formats, and helps businesses achieve their goals.

  • True-to-Life Colours: Dynamic Crystal Colour

    • Experience immersive visuals with one billion shades of colour.
    • Dynamic Crystal Colour ensures true-to-life variations, revealing every subtlety.
  • Lifelike 4K Display: Quantum Processor 4K

    • Samsung's Quantum Processor 4K enhances content for clarity and consistency.
    • Intelligent UHD upscaling technology elevates lower-resolution video to professional picture quality.
  • Always Visible Information: Non-glare

    • Non-glare panels offer better visibility from all angles, ideal for critical locations.
    • Enables accurate information delivery in places like airports and train stations.
  • Space-Maximizing Slim Design: Slim and Symmetrical Design

    • Narrow bezels and symmetrical design seamlessly integrate into any environment.
    • Simplified mounting and installation with terminals facing outward for space savings.
  • Unobstructed Viewing Experience: Clean Cable Guide

    • Clean cable guide ensures the display focuses on content, not connected cables.
    • Enhances visual appeal and blends perfectly into any business setting.
  • Effortless Conference Calls: Video Call Applications

    • Built-in video conference solution supports popular web conferencing apps.
    • Enables easy video calls with just a USB-type webcam, eliminating messy installs.
  • Wire-Free Collaboration: SmartView+

    • SmartView+ enables wireless screen sharing without cable connections.
    • Facilitates seamless collaboration with one-click screen switching.
  • Maintained Meeting Room Settings: Custom Home

    • Custom Home simplifies conference room management by locking specific settings.
    • Ensures uninterrupted functionality throughout the day, allowing IT to focus on other tasks.
  • Professional Environments with Expert Tools: Professional Modes

    • Built-in professional modes cater to specific verticals, enhancing possibilities.
    • Director Mode aligns content with the director's original intention, while DICOM Simulation Mode supports medical imaging.
  • Brand Consistency with Smart Calibration: Smart Calibration

    • Samsung mobile app ensures complete brand consistency across displays.
    • Correctly calibrates every display, showcasing brand logos in precise colors.
  • Efficient Setups with Tizen Zero Config: Tizen Zero Config

    • Essential for IT managers, Tizen Zero Config simplifies setups and updates.
    • Allows remote app installation, reducing workloads and unnecessary travel.
  • Latest Web-Based Content Support: Upgradable Web-engine

    • Constant web-engine upgrades enable playing the latest content without limitations.
    • Facilitates diverse and engaging creative assets for dynamic displays.
  • Flexible Installation with Auto Level: Auto Level

    • Auto Level adjusts content when the screen is rotated, ensuring clarity and steadiness.
    • Recognizes incorrect pivot directions to keep the display in the correct orientation.
  • Eco-Friendly Design and Certifications: Eco-conscious Technologies

    • QMB series uses recycled plastics for sustainability.
    • Samsung complies with energy-saving, carbon footprint reduction, and hazardous substance restriction guidelines.