Audinate Dante AVIO to USB Adapter
Audinate Dante AVIO to USB Adapter


Audinate Dante AVIO to USB Adapter

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Dante AVIO USB Adapters


  • Dante AVIO USB Adapters facilitate 2 x 2 channels of bidirectional audio, enabling PCs and mobile devices to seamlessly play out and record audio with any Dante-enabled devices over a standard IP network.

Network Audio Flexibility:

  • Utilize audio applications such as media players, conferencing software, presentations, and recorders with network-connected speakers, microphones, mixers, and DSPs.

Cost-Effective and Portable:

  • The Dante AVIO family of adapters, compact and designed for mobility, offers a cost-effective solution, providing modern network connectivity essential for every audio professional's toolbox.

Key Features:

Plug & Play Operation:

  • Each Dante AVIO USB adapter functions as a complete, high-performance Dante device. It effortlessly integrates into Dante networks, benefiting from the automation and user-friendly nature that has made Dante the preferred audio networking solution globally.

Easy Integration:

  • Dante AVIO USB adapters are automatically discovered and ready to use upon connection. No separate power supplies are needed; simply use a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch or the built-in USB power on your computer.

Use Cases:

USB Connectivity:

  • Ideal for conference settings, providing an uncomplicated audio drop-point for laptops without the need for reconfiguring Dante networks for different computers.
  • Available with USB Type-C® or USB Type-A connectors for versatile compatibility.
  • Enables recording or playout of 2-channel audio from any PC or Mac without additional software.
  • Facilitates the connection of mobile devices to a Dante network (adapters may be required).

Additional Features:

  • Robust and built for on-the-go usage.
  • Supports 24-bit audio.
  • Compatible with Dante Audio over IP and AES67 RTP transport formats.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support enhances flexibility.
  • USB-C® to USB-C® cable included with the USB-C® model.
  • Dante Domain Manager ready for advanced network management.