Barco ClickShare Bar Pro
Barco ClickShare Bar Pro
Barco ClickShare Bar Pro


Barco ClickShare Bar Pro

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CLICKSHARE BAR CB Pro EU WITH 2 BUTTONS: Elevating Wireless Conferencing

Experience a new era of wireless conferencing with the ClickShare Bar Pro EU, equipped with two buttons for seamless interaction. This premium video bar ensures engaging and effortless meetings in medium-sized meeting rooms, compatible with any videoconferencing platform.

Key Features:

  • Crystal-Clear Audio: Enjoy high-quality stereo audio, providing a clear and immersive sound experience during your wireless conferences.

  • Advanced AI-Powered 4K Camera: Benefit from an advanced AI-powered 4K camera that enhances video quality and ensures sharp, detailed views.

  • Wired Roomdock for 4K Content Sharing: The inclusion of a wired roomdock facilitates 4K content sharing and alternative connectivity options, adding versatility to your presentations.

  • Advanced Interactivity: Explore advanced interactivity features such as touchback, annotation, and blackboarding, fostering dynamic and collaborative meetings.

  • Carbon-Neutral Product: The ClickShare Bar Pro EU is a carbon-neutral product, aligning with eco-friendly practices without compromising performance.

This all-in-one video bar consolidates collaboration, audio, and video functionalities, reducing Total Cost of Ownership. With a 5-year warranty, the ClickShare Bar Pro EU is your comprehensive solution for powerful and flexible wireless conferencing in the modern workplace.