Barco CLICKSHARE C-10 Gen2


Barco CLICKSHARE C-10 Gen2

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Enhancing Presentation Flow in Medium-Sized and Large Meeting Rooms

Empower your meetings with engagement, inspiration, and active participation using technology. The ClickShare C-10 GEN 2 introduces interactive features to enable seamless wireless presentations in medium to large meeting rooms. It serves as the ultimate wireless presentation hub, simplifying the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) experience and transforming meetings with a single click from the ClickShare Button or ClickShare App on any laptop or mobile device.

  • Interactive Features: ClickShare C-10 GEN 2 incorporates interactive elements to elevate engagement levels and foster active participation during presentations.

  • Full BYOD Compatibility: Enjoy full BYOD functionality, making wireless presentations effortless and accessible from any laptop or mobile device.

  • Seamless Wireless Connectivity: The ClickShare C-10 ensures a smooth and easy wireless connection with just one click, streamlining the presentation process.

  • Optimized for Medium to Large Meeting Rooms: Tailored for medium to large meeting rooms, the C-10 enhances collaboration and communication among participants.

  • ClickShare Button and App Integration: Utilize the convenience of the ClickShare Button or ClickShare App for a hassle-free presentation experience.

  • Streamlined Meeting Flow: Make your meetings flow seamlessly with the ClickShare C-10, reducing complexities and enhancing overall efficiency.

  • User-Friendly Interface: With its user-friendly interface, ClickShare C-10 ensures that participants can easily navigate and contribute to presentations.

Elevate your presentation experience with ClickShare C-10 GEN 2, where technology and innovation converge to create dynamic and impactful meetings.