Bose FreeSpace 3 Flush-Mount Black


Bose FreeSpace 3 Flush-Mount Black

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Bose® FreeSpace® 3 Flush-Mount Satellites Black

The Bose® FreeSpace® 3 flush-mount satellites are premium speakers tailored for small to medium-sized installed setups, offering exceptional fidelity and extended frequency response for both voice and music.


  • Subwoofer/satellite system for superior voice and music reproduction in various installed environments such as retail, restaurants, and hospitality venues.
  • Modular design allows for the use of 2 or 4 satellites per Acoustimass bass module and enables parallel connection of bass modules.
  • Mix and match surface-mount and flush-mount components to suit different room aesthetics and layouts across a range of applications.
  • Flush-mount components are plenum rated when utilized with the optional plenum cover, ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • Choose between selectable 70/100V or low impedance with transformer tap adjustment on the Acoustimass bass module for versatility.
  • Configurable for stereo or mono operation to adapt to various audio setups.


  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Lobbies and conference rooms