Chief LSA1U Large Fusion Fixed Wall Display Mount


Chief LSA1U Large Fusion Fixed Wall Display Mount

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Chief's Enhanced Fixed Wall Mounts - Large Fusion Series

55" to 86" Displays

Max 200lbs (90.7kg)

Installer-Driven Upgrades

  • Upgraded based on installer feedback and direct field observations.
  • Fusion favorites like Centerless shift and ClickConnect Latching are now enhanced with additional features.

Key Advantages

  • Improved stability for a secure mounting experience.
  • Faster installation process for increased efficiency.
  • Enhanced lateral shift capabilities for improved positioning.
  • Simplified cable management for a neater appearance.
  • Advanced security features for reinforced protection.

Installer-Inspired Design

  • Fusion fixed mount addresses common flat panel installation challenges.
  • Offers flexible adjustments suitable for large displays.
  • Low-profile design ensures a sleek display mounting solution.