Chief MSM1U Medium Fusion Micro-Adjustable Fixed Wall Mount


Chief MSM1U Medium Fusion Micro-Adjustable Fixed Wall Mount

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Enhanced Fusion® Fixed Wall Mount by Chief MSM1U 

Installer-Driven Innovations

  • Upgraded based on installer feedback and field observations for practical improvements.
  • Introduces new features to Fusion® favourites like Centerless shift, ControlZone leveling adjustment, and ClickConnect Latching.

Advancements for Seamless Installations

  • Enhanced stability for a secure display mounting solution.
  • Accelerated installation process for improved efficiency.
  • Improved lateral shift capabilities for flexible centering.
  • Streamlined cable management for a cleaner appearance.
  • Augmented security features for reinforced protection.

Installer-Friendly Features

  • Integrated teardrop design expedites wall plate installation by enabling pre-installation of bolts.
  • Centerless Shift provides post-installation lateral shift for limitless centering.
  • Set screws maintain mount rigidity, stability, and security throughout the installation's lifespan.
  • ClickConnect ensures an audible click when the screen safely engages with the mount.
  • Built-in cable stand offers easy access under the screen.
  • Full line of accessories can be installed and adjusted together with the mount.
  • Multiple installation options accommodate various stud distances.
  • Exclusive nesting spacers, stackable to achieve any desired depth.
  • Quick-Store Cords utilize magnets for convenient storage and access to pull cords.
  • Improved cable management with new end caps.
  • Integrated security measures.
  • Ships with a custom hardware kit that can be hung from mount rails during staged installation.
  • Easy Open box design minimizes waste during unboxing.