Clevertouch IMPACT Lux
Clevertouch IMPACT Lux
Clevertouch IMPACT Lux
Clevertouch IMPACT Lux
Clevertouch IMPACT Lux
Clevertouch IMPACT Lux
Clevertouch IMPACT Lux
Clevertouch IMPACT Lux


Clevertouch IMPACT Lux

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Enhanced Collaboration with 50 Touch Points

  • IMPACT Lux by Clevertouch boasts an impressive 50 touch points, facilitating seamless interaction among multiple users simultaneously.
  • This feature fosters collaborative learning environments, encouraging student engagement in group projects, interactive activities, and brainstorming sessions.
  • With 50 touch points, every student's input can be captured and displayed in real-time, promoting inclusivity and participation.

Hygienic Classroom Environment

  • Antibacterial Glass: IMPACT Lux features state-of-the-art micro antibacterial glass, reducing the presence of germs on the screen surface and promoting a cleaner, more hygienic classroom.
  • The antibacterial properties of the glass contribute to a healthier teaching and learning environment, particularly beneficial in shared spaces where multiple students interact with the display.

Seamless User Experience with Virtual Backpack

  • Virtual Backpack: Enabled by integrated NFC technology, this feature allows teachers to access their personalized profiles on any Clevertouch display worldwide.
  • Offering flexibility and convenience, Virtual Backpack ensures a seamless transition between classrooms and locations while retaining preferred settings and files.

Immersive Audio Experience

  • Super Wide Sound: IMPACT Lux eliminates the need for additional soundbars or external speakers with its integrated audio capabilities.
  • Equipped with a 2x 20W front-facing speaker system and 2x 10W subwoofers, the display delivers powerful, clear audio output, providing students with a rich audio experience and ensuring optimal sound quality from any position in the classroom.