ClevertouchLive Rooms 10" Room Booking System Panel
ClevertouchLive Rooms 10" Room Booking System Panel


ClevertouchLive Rooms 10" Room Booking System Panel

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Live Rooms Features:

  • Effortless Meeting Space Management: Revolutionize the way you book and manage meeting spaces with Live Rooms, making reservation processes convenient and efficient.
  • Dynamic Panel Solution: LiveRooms panel provides LED lighting and at-a-glance meeting room status for on-the-go users, enhancing accessibility and productivity.
  • Integration Capability: Seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange for streamlined booking processes.
  • Wall-Mounted Installation: Includes wall-mounted brackets for easy installation and accessibility.
  • User-Friendly Touch Screen: Easy-to-use touch screen panel for intuitive booking and navigation.
  • Personalized Branding: Customizable branding options allow for company or visitor logos, enhancing the panel's aesthetic and professionalism.
  • CleverLive Integration: Connects to CleverLive for digital signage alert messaging, ensuring effective communication within the workspace.
  • Real-Time Availability Display: Provides real-time availability display on Large Format Display (LFD) screens, facilitating quick room location and utilization.
  • Analytic Reporting: Capable of generating analytic reports for meeting room usage and optimization.
  • Instant Reservation: Instantly schedules and reserves meeting rooms, accommodating both planned and ad-hoc meetings.

How It Works:

  • Connect: Connect your CleverLive CLOUD digital signage to LiveRooms display to send instant alerts, enhancing communication within the workspace.
  • Book Source: Book via Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Calendar, or directly at the source, catering to both planned and spontaneous meetings.
  • Display (Availability): Utilizes color-coded availability indicators, with red indicating booked and green available, enhancing visibility and accessibility. Personalize the Room Booking panel with editable templates for tailored branding and information display.
  • Seamless Integration: LiveRooms seamlessly integrates with CleverLive, allowing for dynamic digital signage messaging on the room booking panel, extending communication reach across various displays and interfaces within the workspace.