Barco CLICKSHARE C-10 Gen2 with 2 Buttons


Barco CLICKSHARE C-10 Gen2 with 2 Buttons

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Facilitating Seamless Presentations in Medium-Sized and Large Meeting Rooms

In the realm of effective meetings, technology plays a pivotal role in engaging, inspiring, and activating participants. ClickShare C-10, equipped with two buttons in its second-generation iteration, seamlessly integrates interactive features to offer comprehensive Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) functionality. This wireless presentation solution is tailored for medium to large meeting rooms, functioning as a hub for effortless presentations. The ClickShare Button or ClickShare App ensures that meetings flow smoothly, accessible from any laptop or mobile device.

  • Interactive Features for Enhanced Engagement: ClickShare C-10 integrates interactive features, elevating engagement levels and fostering a dynamic meeting environment.

  • Full BYOD Capability: With full BYOD capability, ClickShare C-10 accommodates a diverse range of devices, ensuring seamless wireless presentations.

  • Effortless Wireless Presentation: Serving as a hub for wireless presentations, ClickShare C-10 simplifies the process, making it a hassle-free experience for presenters.

  • Optimized for Medium to Large Meeting Rooms: Tailored for medium to large meeting rooms, ClickShare C-10 ensures that presentations are impactful and visible to all participants.

  • One-Click Meeting Flow: The one-click functionality of ClickShare C-10 streamlines the meeting process, eliminating complexities and enhancing efficiency.

  • Compatibility with Multiple Devices: ClickShare C-10 is compatible with various devices, including laptops and mobile devices, ensuring flexibility in connectivity.

  • Enhanced Meeting Productivity: By ensuring a smooth meeting flow, ClickShare C-10 contributes to enhanced productivity and active participation from attendees.

Empower your presentations with the ClickShare C-10 GEN2, featuring two buttons, designed to create a seamless and interactive meeting experience in medium-sized and large meeting rooms.