iiyama 65" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen Display
iiyama 65" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen Display
iiyama 65" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen Display


iiyama 65" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen Display

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iiyama TE6512MIS-B1AG 65" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen - Revolutionizing Collaborative Interaction

Enhancing Collaboration and Engagement:

The iiyama TE6512MIS-B1AG is a cutting-edge 65" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen, meticulously crafted to elevate collaborative efforts in modern workspaces and educational environments. Packed with advanced features, this display redefines the way content is engaged with, fostering a dynamic and interactive experience.

Key Features:

Zero Airgap LCD Screen with PureTouch-IR:

  • Revolutionary Zero Airgap LCD screen eliminates parallax, ensuring accurate and responsive PureTouch-IR technology for precise interactions.

iiWare 10 with Android 11:

  • Employs iiWare 10 featuring Android 11 OS, providing a versatile interface with essential applications like Note, Browser, Cloud Drive, and the flexibility to sideload relevant apps.

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

  • Seamless connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi facilitates wireless sharing, enhancing ideation and collaboration.

iiyama DMS (Device Management System):

  • Incorporates the iiyama DMS for efficient and centralized device management, streamlining operations in enterprise or educational settings.

User-Centric Features:

4K Interface with User Profiles:

  • Introduces a new 4K interface with User Profiles for simplified logins and personalized access to applications, Cloud Drives, and compatibility with Windows and Office applications.

Effortless Wireless Sharing:

iiyama Share and EShare App:

  • Facilitates easy and efficient wireless sharing with the iiyama Share and EShare app, fostering seamless ideation and collaboration.

Transformative Display for Modern Spaces:

Versatile Application:

  • Affordable and adaptable, the iiyama TE6512MIS-B1AG transforms modern workplaces, educational institutions, and dynamic meeting spaces, ushering in a new era of interactive communication.

Elevate your collaborative experience with the iiyama TE12 SERIES displays, setting the stage for the future of visual communication.