iiyama PROLITE 86" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen
iiyama PROLITE 86" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen
iiyama PROLITE 86" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen
iiyama PROLITE 86" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen
iiyama PROLITE 86" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen


iiyama PROLITE 86" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen

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iiyama ProLite 86" Interactive 4K UHD Touchscreen

Tailored for Education and Enterprise:

The iiyama TE8612MIS-B2AG redefines collaboration, providing a seamless experience for education, startups, and large-scale businesses. This 86" interactive 4K UHD touchscreen introduces an array of innovative features to enhance collaborative possibilities.

Key Features:

Hybrid Interactive Solution:

  • Annotate effortlessly in 4K and control content seamlessly with the PureTouch-IR 40-point touchscreen.

iiWare 10 - Android 11 OS:

  • Explore a versatile interface featuring Note, Browser, Cloud Drive, and the flexibility to sideload apps catering to organizational needs.

Dual-Function Touch Pens:

  • Equipped with touch pens for precise interactions, offering the option to save notes directly to USB, 32GB internal memory, or a selected cloud drive.

USB-C Connectivity:

  • Enjoy the latest in video, audio, and touch signal via a single port, including 65W power delivery for device charging.

Vibrant 4K UHD Display:

  • Boasting a 4K UHD resolution (3840x2160) and 400cd/m2 brightness, the 86" VA screen delivers detailed, vibrant images even in brightly lit environments.

Anti-Glare Coating:

  • Ensures optimal visibility by reducing ambient reflections without compromising image sharpness.

User-Centric Features:

4K Interface with User Profiles:

  • Simplify logins and access with User Profiles, providing a highly personalized experience for multiple users.

Cloud Drives Integration:

  • Easily connect to Cloud Drives for convenient access to personalized content and collaborative materials.

Seamless Connectivity:

WiFi Module and ScreenSharePro:

  • The included WiFi module (OWM002), ScreenSharePro, and EShare app facilitate easy sharing, streaming, and editing of content from any device.

Advanced Interactive Technologies:


  • Achieve 1mm touch accuracy for the smoothest and fastest annotation experience.

iiyama Share:

  • Connect up to 9 devices, supporting AirPlay, Chromecast, and Miracast for versatile content sharing.

Efficient Management Solutions:

iiyama DMS:

  • A unified management solution for terminal equipment, providing efficient real-time equipment management and streamlining campus/office environments.

Enhanced Security:

Screen Lock and USB Passcode Protection:

  • Ensure user security with screen lock and USB passcode protection features.

Clean App:

  • The new Clean app clears all data and passwords, ensuring a fresh start for every session.