LG UN640S Display
LG UN640S Display
LG UN640S Display
LG UN640S Display
LG UN640S Display


LG UN640S Display

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Outstanding Image Clarity in Ultra HD Resolution:

  • Resolution four times higher than Full HD for vibrant and lifelike content.

Sleek Design with Reduced Depth:

  • Slimmer profile than LG's conventional models for space optimization.
  • Sophisticated ahsed blue colour enhances the overall aesthetics.

High-Performance Utilizing LG webOS22:

  • Upgraded System-on-Chip (SoC) and web engine for seamless multitasking.
  • LG webOS smart signage platform with an intuitive GUI for user convenience.

Integrated Content and Group Management:

  • Built-in Content and Group Management System for streamlined content editing, playback, and scheduling.
  • Enables signage control through remote, mouse, and mobile phone without requiring a separate PC or software.

Flexible Content Management with LG SuperSign CMS:

  • Integrated program supporting digital media creation and deployment.
  • Simple menus and layout options enhance efficiency in content creation, editing, scheduling, and distribution.
  • Supports multiple displays and accounts, linking to external databases, and server access from mobile devices.

Effortless Group Control:

  • Supports SuperSign Control+ Free version for managing up to 100 displays through a single account and server.
  • Remote adjustments for power, volume, and scheduling, along with firmware updates.

Compatibility with AV Control Systems:

  • Supports Crestron Connected® for high compatibility with professional AV controls.
  • Facilitates seamless integration and automated control for enhanced business management efficiency.

Integration with Video Conference Systems:

  • Compatible with Cisco solutions for powerful and integrated control in video conferences.

Display Power Management Support:

  • Configurable Display Power Management (DPM) to activate only when a TV signal is present, optimizing power efficiency.

Real-time Promotion and Content Sharing:

  • Utilizes Beacon and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) for real-time delivery of coupons and information.
  • Content Mirroring among devices on the same Wi-Fi network, operating as a virtual router for wireless access.

Wireless Access Point:

  • Functions as a virtual router, serving as a wireless access point for mobile devices.