Neat Board


Neat Board

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  • Complete Collaboration Solution:

    • Neat Board offers an immersive 65-inch multi-touch screen, powerful audio system, and versatile wide-angle camera, enabling seamless collaboration beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing, with features like annotations and whiteboarding.
  • Easy Setup and Flexibility:

    • Designed for simplicity, Neat Board provides everything needed for meeting rooms, with just one cable.
    • Offers options for floor stand with optional wheels, wall mount, or table stand for flexible placement.
  • Seamless Functionality:

    • Neat Board automatically wakes up upon sensing your presence in the room, enabling instant wireless screen sharing, meeting initiation, and annotation with a single tap.
    • Facilitates note-taking, idea organization, and visual feedback, enhancing collaboration whether in-person or remote.
  • Enhanced Whiteboard Experience:

    • Partnering with Zoom, Neat enhances the whiteboard experience with intuitive tools for brainstorming, organizing, and sharing ideas.
    • Infinite canvas provides ample space for collaboration, even when teams are physically apart.
  • Dual Marker Support:

    • Comes with a pair of Neat Markers, allowing two users to sketch or annotate simultaneously.
    • Neat Marker offers the perfect amount of friction for smooth whiteboarding and attaches magnetically to the holder, which also serves as cable management.
  • Simplified Management:

    • Neat provides secure, single-purpose hardware devices, eliminating complexities and security threats.
    • Single point of contact for support, reducing the hassle of managing passwords and updates.