Neat Board 50 and UK cable Bundle
Neat Board 50 and UK cable Bundle


Neat Board 50 and UK cable Bundle

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Neat Board 50: Revolutionizing Collaboration

  • Adaptable Design:

    • Easily wheel it from space to space or adjust its position with a 50-inch touchscreen that moves up or down, ensuring smooth and efficient interaction.
  • Versatile Functionality:

    • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms, or utilize favorite apps for enhanced teamwork and collaboration.
    • Includes Neat Active Marker for natural writing and sketching without the need for pairing or charging.
  • Powerful Performance:

    • Features potent technology under its sleek exterior, delivering exceptional power and performance to enable natural-flowing conversations in any environment.
  • High-Resolution Display:

    • Boasts a 4K 50" multi-touch LCD screen with anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings for excellent readability and a natural touch-screen experience.
  • Comprehensive Camera System:

    • Custom-built 50-megapixel camera with a wide-angle lens and lightning-fast image processing to capture every participant, ensuring no one is left out.
  • Enhanced Audio Quality:

    • Incorporates a 5-microphone end-fire array, advanced algorithms for noise suppression, and low distortion speakers for clear and intelligible audio.
  • Flexible Connectivity:

    • Provides HDMI output for dual-screen setups and USB-C connectivity for additional devices, offering considerable flexibility in meeting setups.
  • Customizable Mounting Options:

    • Can be paired with various mounting options to suit the needs of any space, including the Neat Adaptive Mount, Stand, Wall Mount, or Table Stand (sold separately).