Neat Board Rolling Floor Stand
Neat Board Rolling Floor Stand


Neat Board Rolling Floor Stand

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Neat Board Rolling Floor Stand: Unmatched Mobility

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Specifically designed for Neat Board, the rolling floor stand offers unparalleled flexibility.
  • Ideal for easy movement within workshop rooms, lecture spaces, hallways, or reception areas.

Effortless Mobility

  • Equipped with wheels, the Neat Board rolling floor stand ensures effortless transportation.
  • Safely move the Neat Board from one meeting space to another without compromising the board's stability.

Adaptable Placement Options

  • The rolling floor stand is compatible with optional wall mount or table stand configurations.
  • Provides adaptability in choosing the most suitable setup for diverse meeting environments.

Enhanced Board Safety

  • Facilitates safe transportation of the Neat Board without the risk of damage.
  • Designed to maintain stability and structural integrity while in transit.