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Neat Center

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Neat Center: Enhancing Remote Meeting Experience

  • Comprehensive Coverage:

    • Neat Center serves as a companion device to provide remote meeting attendees with a broader vision, ensuring they can see and hear everyone in the room even when facing away from the main device or engaged in internal discussions.
  • 360° Visual Experience:

    • Offers a 360° visual meeting experience, enabling remote participants to follow conversations seamlessly, even when individuals in the room are not facing the main Neat device.
  • Optimal Audio Pickup:

    • Features an omnidirectional 16x mic array to capture clear and crisp audio from all directions, ensuring remote attendees can hear conversations with clarity.
  • Effortless Setup:

    • Simplifies setup and installation with just one plug-in network and power cable, allowing for flexible placement options to further enhance the capabilities of Neat devices for improved context and engagement.