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Neat Frame
Neat Frame
Neat Frame
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Neat Frame

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Neat Frame

15.6-inch portrait screen.

  • Adaptable All-in-One Solution:

    • Purposefully designed for modern workstyles and spaces, fitting seamlessly into various environments from home offices to retail settings.
    • Offers versatility for hot desking, jump rooms, and virtual receptionist applications.
  • Space-Saving Design:

    • Simplifies setup and usage while providing superior audio-visual quality, freeing up laptop/desktop space for focused work.
    • Compact footprint with an integrated handle for easy mobility between rooms.
  • Enhanced Interaction:

    • Features a high-resolution wide-angle camera for direct eye-level communication and immersive interaction.
    • Bright digital display ensures clear imagery, optimizing the presentation of participants and content.
  • Advanced Audio Processing:

    • Incorporates advanced audio processing to enhance vocal pickup and eliminate distracting noises, ensuring smoother conversations.
    • Reduces double-talk issues, allowing for more natural flow of communication.
  • Health and Productivity Benefits:

    • Intuitively frames and follows movements, promoting better wellbeing during meetings.
    • Enhances energy, focus, and productivity, contributing to improved company performance.
    • Provides secure, single-purpose hardware devices, eliminating complexities and security threats.
  • Health and Safety Features:

    • Utilises Neat Sense* technology to monitor air quality, humidity, CO2 levels, and occupancy.
    • Enables safe social distancing by providing real-time data on room occupancy.