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Neat Pad: Streamlined Meeting Room Control and Scheduling

Elegance in Design

  • Simple and elegant touch screen designed for configuring Zoom Rooms or acting as a scheduling display.
  • Ideal screen angle ensures smooth interaction and viewing.
  • Purpose-built for meeting rooms, seamlessly blending into various settings.

Always Ready for Action

  • Neat Pad is consistently powered up, ready to facilitate efficient and elegant meeting control and scheduling.
  • Versatile placement options, whether on a table, wall, or any desired location.

Enhanced Audio Pickup and Scheduling Features

  • Controller function includes two built-in microphones for enhanced audio pickup.
  • Upcoming software release will further boost audio capabilities, supporting larger meeting rooms or scenarios where users are facing away from the screen.
  • Scheduling function displays booked events with red and green LED indicators indicating room availability.

Easy Installation and Setup

  • Ships with wall and side mounts for effortless installation.
  • Wall mount option serves as a controller, while side mount allows securing to doorframes or mullions.
  • Single Power over Ethernet cable ensures continuous readiness.

Seamless Integration with Zoom

  • Neat Pad contributes to a streamlined and secure meeting room experience.
  • Built-in environmental sensors provide insights directly to the Zoom portal, enhancing monitoring capabilities for meeting spaces.
  • Zoom serves as the single point of contact for support, simplifying the management process.