NEC Multisync E Series


NEC Multisync E Series

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  • Reduced Installation and Operating Costs:

    • Utilizes highly energy-efficient LED backlighting for reduced power consumption.
    • Longer backlight lifetime contributes to extended display longevity.
    • Lighter design facilitates easy transportation, mounting, and integration.
  • Slim Design and Integrated Speakers:

    • Pleasing aesthetic design enhances visual appeal.
    • Enables easy and cost-effective installation.
    • Integrated speakers for enhanced audio experience.
  • Future Ready Connectivity:

    • Offers multiple industry-standard digital and analogue signal inputs.
    • Provides flexibility for integration into various AV infrastructures.
  • Standalone Operation:

    • Designed for straightforward standalone operation.
    • Features an integrated USB media player for seamless content playback.
    • Integrated speakers and scheduling functionality for enhanced usability.
  • Effortless Content Playback:

    • Integrated USB media player supports various image and video file formats.
    • Enables effortless and standalone content playback.
    • Simplifies the process of playing different types of content.