NEC MultiSync ME Series
NEC MultiSync ME Series
NEC MultiSync ME Series
NEC MultiSync ME Series
NEC MultiSync ME Series
NEC MultiSync ME Series
NEC MultiSync ME Series
NEC MultiSync ME Series


NEC MultiSync ME Series

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Color: Black

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  • Embark on the Digital Signage Journey with NEC ME Series:

    • Access professional features and NEC's reliable performance at an attractive price point.
    • Ideal for lower-budget businesses seeking to digitize signage without specialized expertise.
  • Integrated USB Media Player for Out-of-the-Box Playback:

    • Enjoy easy customization through NEC's modular approach.
    • Effortlessly create, schedule, and broadcast dynamic signage content.
  • Flexible Display Options:

    • Supports both landscape and portrait orientations.
    • Capable of continuous operation for up to 18/7 hours.
  • Engage Customers with Dynamic Advertising and Infotainment:

    • Empowers local retailers, restaurants, and small enterprises.
    • Reap efficiency benefits through the digitization of signage.


  • Sleek and Contemporary Design:

    • Combines robustness with elegance for seamless integration into any application or environment.
  • Secure and Remote Management:

    • Utilize NEC NaviSet Administrator 2 for remote and secure device control.
    • Proactively manage maintenance requirements, saving valuable time and resources.
  • User-Friendly Operation:

    • Smart installation, operation, and maintenance features ensure consistent performance throughout the display's lifespan.
    • Efficient functionality saves time, effort, and valuable resources.
  • Future-Ready Connectivity:

    • Incorporates multiple industry-standard digital and analogue signal inputs.
    • Facilitates flexible integration into diverse AV infrastructures.
  • Effortless Content Playback:

    • Integrated USB media player supports various image and video file formats.
    • Enables seamless and standalone content playback with ease.
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