NEC P547UL Projector
NEC P547UL Projector
NEC P547UL Projector
NEC P547UL Projector
NEC P547UL Projector


NEC P547UL Projector

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NEC P547UL Projector:

5400 ANSI Lumens

  • Silent Scalable Visualization:

    • Operates with an outstandingly low noise level of just 22dB (normal mode), providing a calm meeting environment.
  • Filter-Free Maintenance:

    • Completely sealed optical laser LCD engine ensures a filter-free design, allowing for 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity:

    • Offers comprehensive connectivity options, and optional WiFi for flexibility and time-saving operation.
  • MultiPresenter Functionality:

    • Enhanced embedded MultiPresenter functionality enables wireless presentation and screen sharing for up to 16 devices simultaneously.
  • Future-Proof Technology:

    • Capable of processing 4K inputs at 30Hz, ensuring future-proof technology for advanced visual experiences.


  • No Filter Service Required:

    • A completely sealed optical laser LCD engine eliminates the need for filter service, maintaining brilliant color brightness without additional servicing costs.
  • Low Noise Level:

    • Operates silently with a noise level of 22dB*, ensuring a disturbance-free meeting environment.
  • No Lamp Replacement:

    • Up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation possible due to the Laser Light Source, eliminating the need for lamp replacements.
  • Risk Group 2 Compliance:

    • Classified under Risk Group 2 compliance, requiring no prescribed safety precautions.
  • Professional and Flexible Installation:

    • Versatile projection characteristics simplify projector positioning, making installation easy and potentially reducing setup costs.