NEC PE506UL Projector
NEC PE506UL Projector
NEC PE506UL Projector
NEC PE506UL Projector


NEC PE506UL Projector

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NEC PE506UL Projector Highlights:

5200 ANSI Lumens

  • High Brightness in Compact Design:

    • The PE506UL offers a compact format with high brightness, making it ideal for professional and reliable projection performance.
  • Exceptional Cost of Ownership:

    • With a long life cycle, the projector ensures an exceptionally low cost of ownership, catering to cost-conscious users.
  • Lightweight and Compact:

    • Lighter and more compact than its predecessor, while delivering a higher brightness level at 5,200 ANSI lumens.
  • Vivid Brilliance:

    • Incorporates 3 LCD technology for vivid and brilliant projections.
  • Wireless Presentation and Screen Sharing:

    • Features wireless presentation and screen sharing capabilities for enhanced versatility.
  • Versatile Adjustability:

    • The PE506UL offers versatile adjustability, allowing for easy positioning and potential cost savings in installation.
  • Compatibility with Control Systems:

    • Compatible with leading control systems, ensuring seamless integration into various environments.


  • Professional and Flexible Installation:

    • Versatile projection characteristics simplify projector positioning, making installation easy and potentially reducing setup costs.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

    • Highest reliability, maintenance-free operation, low power consumption, and up to 20,000 hours of life with a laser light source result in a significantly lower total cost of ownership.