NEC PX2201UL Projector
NEC PX2201UL Projector


NEC PX2201UL Projector

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PX2201UL Projector - Lens Not Included

Compact Excellence with Advanced Features

The PX2201UL projector, although compact and easily transportable, packs a punch with its advanced technological features, making it perfect for large venue applications. Offering an impressive price-to-performance ratio, this projector delivers intense colour through RB laser technology, rivalling the performance of a 3DLP projector. With an ultra-bright 20,500 lumens, wide interface selection, and Edge Blending technology, it supports multi-projector setups for larger, brighter images. Geometric correction ensures distortion-free projections.

The filter-free optical system safeguards against dust ingress, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Remote adjustment capability eliminates the need for physical access post-installation. With low noise levels, flexible installation features, SDI interface, and 3D support, the PX2201UL is ideal for higher education, leisure, museums, and mapping applications.


  • Superb Imaging Quality: RB laser technology with red lasers expands the colour gamut, producing vivid images with high light levels, unmatched by single-chip DLP projectors. Special Brightness Boost Mode enhances performance.
  • Maintenance-Free Performance: Filter-free laser projector with a special NEC phosphor wheel requires minimal attention beyond initial setup, ensuring hassle-free operation throughout its lifetime.
  • Hassle-Free Remote Adjustment: Motorized lens shift, focus, and zoom enable easy and flexible setup without requiring physical access to the projector.
  • Easy Handling: With a lightweight construction (51kg) and robust design, this semi-portable model is suitable for flexible applications, ensuring easy handling.