Philips BDL3650Q/00 Display


Philips BDL3650Q/00 Display

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Cloud Connectivity and Control

  • Utilize the integrated HTML5 browser to connect and control content via the cloud.
  • Design content online with the Chromium-based browser.
  • Connect single displays or entire networks.
  • Display content in landscape or portrait mode with full HD resolution.
  • Easily connect displays to the Internet via WiFi or RJ45 cable.

FailOver Protection

  • Ensure uninterrupted display with FailOver technology.
  • Automatically switch to backup content in case of input source or application failure.
  • Select primary and FailOver connections for instant content protection.

Convenient Content Scheduling

  • Schedule content playback from USB or internal memory effortlessly.
  • Philips Professional Display wakes from standby to play scheduled content.
  • Returns to standby mode after playback.

Wireless Screen Sharing Option

  • Share screens wirelessly using existing Wi-Fi network.
  • Securely connect devices instantly.
  • Optional HDMI Interact dongle for direct screen casting without network connection.

Android SoC Processor

  • Powered by Android 10 SoC platform.
  • Optimized for native Android apps.
  • Install web apps directly onto the display.
  • Flexible and secure for longer-lasting display performance.

Wave Platform for Remote Management

  • Unlock power, versatility, and intelligence of Philips Q-Line displays with Wave.
  • Cloud platform for remote installation, setup, monitoring, and control.
  • Manage displays, upgrade firmware, control playlists, and set power schedules.
  • Saves time, energy, and reduces environmental impact.