Poly Studio X70 with TC8 Controller
Poly Studio X70 with TC8 Controller
Poly Studio X70 with TC8 Controller


Poly Studio X70 with TC8 Controller

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The Poly Studio X70 video bar integrates an aesthetically pleasing design with high-resolution 4K video and powerful stereo capabilities, enhancing the ambiance of expansive meeting spaces. Its all-in-one construction eliminates the need for multiple cables, providing a streamlined solution that alleviates the necessity of IT intervention. Additionally, the Poly Studio X70, with its AI-driven video and audio functionalities, effortlessly transforms extensive video conferencing sessions in large rooms into seamless and enjoyable experiences.


  • Dual 4K lenses
  • Two-way stereo speakers, aluminium cone tweeters, and advanced bass ports
  • Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology
  • NoiseBlockAI noise reduction technology
  • Seamless native experience on leading cloud video services