Poly Trio C60
Poly Trio C60
Poly Trio C60


Poly Trio C60

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Unify Conversations and Empower Collaboration

Bring individuals together, inspire innovation, and ensure seamless communication across the table or across distances with Poly's distinctive audio. NoiseBlockAI ensures natural speech flow, eliminating interruptions. Expansion microphones guarantee exceptional audio quality, even in expansive conference settings. Designed for simplicity, it excels in audio conferences or when paired with a Poly video room solution. Launch and join meetings effortlessly with a touch. The Trio C60 seamlessly integrates, offering native experiences on your preferred collaboration platforms. Simple yet powerful.

Key Features:

  • USB, Bluetooth® or IP connectivity for mobile devices
  • Intelligent removal of non-speech noise, allowing clear voice transmission
  • Comprehensive management and analytics for rapid deployment and high uptime


  • Elevate collaboration with Poly's signature audio for authentic conversations
  • Boost user adoption with familiar and consistent technology in every room
  • Initiate meetings in seconds with one-touch join
  • Enhance Poly room video solutions with fast, simple control using the Trio C60