Samsung QET Display
Samsung QET Display
Samsung QET Display
Samsung QET Display


Samsung QET Display

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Color: Black

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  • Intelligent Display with Upscaling Technology:

    • Samsung’s QET series employs intelligent upscaling technology for captivating UHD resolution.
    • Features a boundless design and user-friendly content management for seamless integration.
  • Captivating Picture Quality for Customer Attention:

    • The QET series grabs customer attention with an incredibly clear picture.
    • Showcases lifelike images in advanced picture quality, exceeding previous standards.
  • Crystal Display for Optimal Color Tones:

    • The QET series incorporates a Crystal Display, optimizing color tones without distortion.
    • Ensures fine-tuning of each backlight unit to match color filters, creating a clear native white.
  • Intelligent UHD Upscaling with Crystal Processor 4K:

    • Crystal Processor 4K enables intelligent UHD upscaling, elevating lower-resolution content to UHD quality.
    • Performs edge restoration and noise reduction for optimized on-screen text and imagery.
  • Immersive Boundless Design:

    • The boundless design immerses viewers completely in content.
    • Seamlessly integrates into any business environment for enhanced aesthetics.
  • Effortless Content Management with MagicINFO Lite Player:

    • MagicINFO Lite Player simplifies content management with on-demand images and videos.
    • New content can be easily added from a personal computer or USB drive, directly connecting to the display.