Samsung QMC Display
Samsung QMC Display
Samsung QMC Display
Samsung QMC Display
Samsung QMC Display
Samsung QMC Display
Samsung QMC Display


Samsung QMC Display

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  • Slim and Elegant Design for Business Excellence: QMC Series

    • QMC, Samsung's slimmest UHD Signage display, introduces elegance to business spaces.
    • Maximizes space utilization with enhanced internal solutions and an intuitive home screen UX.
    • Enables efficiency and design innovation for growth across diverse business verticals.
  • Maximum Impact in Minimal Space:

    • Unparalleled ultra-slim thickness of 28.5mm, making it the thinnest in Samsung’s UHD series.
    • Comes with Slim Fit Wall Mount for neat and easy installation in any environment.
    • Optimizes space with a sleek design seamlessly blending into business settings.
  • Consistent Visuals in Any Mode: Even Bezel Design

    • Bezels are consistent on all four sides, preventing visual issues in portrait mode adjustments.
    • New even bezel design ensures a seamless display experience.
  • Secure and Even Mounting: Centered VESA Holes

    • Central positioning of VESA holes evenly distributes weight for secure mounting.
    • Allows users to adjust the display to portrait mode without unintentional tilting.
  • Lifelike Colors with Dynamic Crystal Color:

    • Dynamic Crystal Color enhances immersion with one billion shades of color.
    • Delivers true-to-life variations, revealing every subtlety in images.
  • Vivid 4K Display with Quantum Processor Lite 4K:

    • Quantum Processor Lite 4K enhances content for clarity and consistency.
    • Intelligent UHD upscaling technology elevates lower-resolution video to professional quality.
  • Always Visible Critical Information: Non-Glare Display

    • Non-glare panels ensure better visibility from all angles, 24/7.
    • Ideal for delivering accurate information in critical locations such as airports and train stations.
  • Convenient Connectivity with Home UI:

    • Upgraded home screen UI for greater usability.
    • Popular categories like Favorites, Sources, and Settings on a single screen for easy access.
  • Efficient Collaboration with SmartView+:

    • SmartView+ enables wireless screen sharing for seamless collaboration.
    • Meeting admins can quickly switch between screens with one click.
  • Brand Consistency with Smart Calibration:

    • Smart Calibration ensures complete brand consistency across displays.
    • Samsung mobile app guarantees correct calibration for brand logos and collateral.
  • Enhance Professional Environments with Expert Tools: Professional Modes

    • Built-in professional modes cater to specific verticals, enhancing possibilities.
    • Director Mode aligns content with the director’s original intention.
    • Medical teams can simulate medical images with DICOM Simulation Mode, meeting full grayscale standards.
  • Revolutionizing Display Management with Samsung VXT:

    • Samsung VXT CMS is a cloud-based solution for content and device management.
    • Enables remote management of hardware settings and troubleshooting.
    • Effortlessly creates and deploys content with no previous training required.
  • Everyday Sustainability Efforts:

    • Committed to Energy Star, EPEAT, and TÜV Rheinland Carbon Footprint standards.
    • Encourages users to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle with smart signage.
    • Diverse efforts to reduce environmental impact in everyday operations.