Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar M
Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar M
Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar M
Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar M
Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar M


Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar M

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Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar M

Trusted Audio Excellence

  • Equipped with 6 microphones and 4 speakers, the TeamConnect Bar M ensures superior Sennheiser Audio Quality, delivering a seamless auditory experience for every meeting.

Effortless Setup

  • Simplify your meeting setup with the TeamConnect Bar M's Plug and Play functionality, providing quick initiation through a USB cable.

Seamless Presenter Transition

  • Integrated Beamforming Technology offers freedom of movement, allowing presenters to seamlessly transition, enhancing collaboration dynamics.

Expandable Capabilities

  • Utilize Dante for flexible extensions, whether adding extra microphones or incorporating a second external USB camera to meet evolving needs.

Immersive Video Quality

  • Benefit from a 4K Ultra HD camera with advanced AI features, ensuring high-quality video conferencing.

Optimized Acoustics

  • The built-in DSP automatically optimizes room acoustics, contributing to natural speech and outstanding intelligibility.

Versatile Mounting Options

  • Choose from a variety of mounting options including Wall Mount, VESA Mount, Tabletop, or Freestanding, providing adaptability to your room layout.

Intelligent Camera Features

  • Autoframing and Person Tiling features enhance visibility, ensuring everyone in the room is clearly seen during the meeting.

Remote Control Management

  • Enjoy full remote-control access through the Sennheiser Control Cockpit, simplifying device management.

Compatibility and Integration

  • Achieve brand agnostic integration with pending certifications for 3rd party media control systems (Barco, Crestron, Extron, Q-Sys) and platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Tencent, etc.).

Security Prioritized

  • Advanced security features include encrypted control communication and default password protection, ensuring secure content transmission during meetings.