Shure MXA 920 Square
Shure MXA 920 Square
Shure MXA 920 Square


Shure MXA 920 Square

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Color: White

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Shure MXA 920 White Square

  • Automatic Coverage™ Technology: Enjoy hassle-free setup with Automatic Coverage™ technology, providing precise control of audio capture without the need for manual configuration. Whether you require enhanced directional pickup or natural speech reproduction, the MXA920 ceiling array microphone delivers exceptional performance.

  • Next-Generation Array Architecture: With next-generation array architecture, the MXA920 ensures enhanced directional pickup and more natural speech reproduction. Experience superior audio quality for a wide range of applications, including AV conferencing, camera tracking, voice lift, and sound reinforcement. MXA920 reaches up to a 30 by 30 foot seating area.

The EPI Awards, hosted by the National Systems Contractors Association, acknowledge manufacturers and products with significant influence on commercial systems integrators. During the 2023 awards ceremony, the MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone was honored as the category winner for Ease of Customization.