Sony VPL-PHZ61 3LCD Laser Projector
Sony VPL-PHZ61 3LCD Laser Projector
Sony VPL-PHZ61 3LCD Laser Projector


Sony VPL-PHZ61 3LCD Laser Projector

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VPL-PHZ61 3LCD Laser Projector

Compact and Powerful

The VPL-PHZ61 laser projector stands out with its impressively small and light design, boasting 6,400 lumens of brightness for exceptional performance.


  • Slim and Lightweight Design:

    • With the smallest body in its class, the VPL-PHZ61/51 laser projector offers unparalleled portability and ease of installation.
  • Outstanding Picture Performance:

    • Combines up to 7,000lm centre brightness with remarkable reliability, ensuring stunning visuals in any environment.
  • Blend-in Design:

    • Designed to discreetly blend into its surroundings, making it an ideal choice for integrated AV environments.
  • Vibrant Color Performance:

    • Exclusive Bright View technology delivers bold and rich colors even in brightly lit rooms, maintaining high-impact imagery without compromising color quality.
  • Enhanced Image Quality:

    • Improved Reality Creation technology ensures clear and sharp images, diagrams, and text, even in bright conditions.
    • Intelligent Settings with Ambiance adjust projected images to match the environment for an enhanced viewing experience.
    • Ambient light sensor measures room brightness for optimal picture quality.
  • Energy Efficiency:

    • The Auto Light Output feature optimizes image quality while reducing power consumption, providing cost-effective operation in corporate and educational settings.
  • 4K 60P Input Support:

    • Simplifies multi-screen setups with support for 4K 60P input signals.
    • High-performance image scaler converts 4K input signals to WUXGA resolution while maintaining close to 4K image quality.
    • Reality Creation technology enhances projected images for greater crispness and depth, now optimized for 4K60P signals.
    • Supports devices with content protection such as 4K UHD players.