Yealink A30 Meeting Bar
Yealink A30 Meeting Bar


Yealink A30 Meeting Bar

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Yealink MeetingBar A30: Clear View with Depth

Clear Visual Experience:

  • Dual-eye camera system designed for medium rooms.
  • Optical camera with 10X hybrid zoom and a 4K camera with 120° field of view.
  • Delivers a clear visual experience with depth for immersive meetings.

Speaker Tracking:

  • Frames a real-time close-up on the presenter.
  • Ensures a vivid face-to-face meeting experience.
  • Keeps attendees well-engaged and focused.


  • Tracks and frames the speaker in a separate window for a panoramic view.
  • Enables users to keep an eye on the speaker, even if seated at a distance in a medium room.

Immersive Voice:

  • Built-in 8 MEMS microphone arrays and speakers.
  • Completely covers up to 6-meter medium-sized spaces.
  • Powerful independent audio processing unit for worry-free, full-duplex voice experience.

Noise-Free Audio:

  • Yealink AI-enhanced noise cancellation for brilliant audio experience.
  • Utilizes a deep-learning sound database to reduce background noises.
  • Smartly minimizes distracting keyboard clatter, mouse clicks, footsteps, and ambient noises for crystal-clear audio quality.


  • WPP30 creates a wireless meeting experience with Yealink devices.
  • Enables wireless content sharing and device mode without any configuration steps.

Simple to Set Up a Dedicated Room:

  • Integrates cameras, microphones, and speakers into an all-in-one system.
  • Plug-and-play for a dedicated medium-sized meeting room setup within minutes.
  • Reduces deployment and management time significantly.

Diverse Video Platform Support:

  • Yealink MeetingBar supports various video platform experiences.
  • Seamless compatibility with different platforms for hassle-free meeting initiation.

Yealink WPP30: 4K Wireless Presentation Pod for Every Work Space

The Yealink WPP30 is a wireless presentation pod designed to enhance content sharing and collaboration in various workspaces. With its compact size and intuitive design, it ensures a trouble-free experience for seamless collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Trouble-Free Content Sharing:

    • Compact size and intuitive industry design for easy integration into any conference room.
    • Empowered with up to 4K/30FPS UHD hardware encode streaming output, ensuring high-quality visuals without the need for software or driver installation.
  • Seamless Collaboration:

    • High-performance 2x2 MIMO, Wi-Fi 6 module for a super clear, speedy, and stable casting experience with low latency.
  • Quick Set Up, Easy Plug and Play:

    • Plug & Play functionality allows for instant content sharing without the hassle of additional software or drivers.
    • Touch & Go feature enables users to initiate collaboration with a simple button click.
    • Wireless presentation capability saves time by eliminating the need for extra cables, contributing to a clean and tidy meeting space.
    • Compatibility with most devices through a full-featured USB-C Port allows for free collaboration on a wide range of devices.


A10-020 - Includes meeting bar and remote

A10-025 - Includes meeting bar and remote and WPP30